maui rap (rough mix)

by Flamebender

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maui no ka oi


towns called Paia, so don't call it "paella"
we got friends in Makena and playas in Wailea
and in Kihei town you can stumble around
gettin destroyed like leroy brown
two feet on the ground, but i'm always on top of ya,
10,000 feet up lookin down at Haleakala
or cruisin on the moped, down by Kalama
and its green bottle time, cause you know i'm pau hana
tomorrow's my day off gonna catch a little weed
it's sunday so i'm catchin sunset down at little beach
world full of morlocks, feelin like an eloi,
white boy, i'm haole like the west side of illinois
livin on the south side of Maui like the real mccoy
wakin up, feedin off the tree of the lilikoi
spittin out the seeds and the beats that i will destroy
preachin to the peeps on the beach "Maui no ka oi."

flown here, not grown here, i'm not maui built,
but you know, i got choke love for maui still
as much as any haole will, aloha I appreciate,
I got no breath cause this Island takes my breath away
it early in the morning and i'm going for a drive
and yeah the sun is shinin as its risin on Lana'i
now i'm over on the west side, sippin on a mai tai
standin in Napili Bay and starin out at Molokai'i
i got the board shorts, you got the bikini
lychee martinis on a boat to Molokini
or maybe you can see me chillin in Kapalua
jumpin off of cliff house, or eatin manapua
up in Honolua Bay, i can do this every day
born on the mainland but Maui's where i need to stay
a guess that's all i have to say, so take some time to go enjoy
the island that i'm livin on, yeah, cause Maui no ka oi.


released December 13, 2012
Vince- uke, beatbox, shaker, vocals & lyrics




Flamebender Kihei, Hawaii

produce more ash than a cane field,
got jams like curtis mayfield

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